The Advantages Of Using A Removalist With A Comprehensive Insurance Policy

What’s scarier than moving to a new home or business? Moving without insurance. It doesn’t take much to damage your personal property, and a single bump or slip could destroy items in the blink of an eye. That’s why it makes sense to rely on insured movers to haul your items from one place to the next.

Removalist insurance is a hallmark of quality for property owners looking for moving assistance. While no insurance policy can fully eliminate the risk of damage, its mere presence can speak volumes about a company’s mindset, care and commitment to customer satisfaction.

In this guide, we discuss the advantages of choosing a removalist with a comprehensive insurance policy. We also explain how the team at No Limits Removalists can help with a worry-free move.  

Why choose professional movers with Australian removalists insurance

Not all removalist insurance policies are built alike, and neither are the movers that use them.

While some insured movers offer total protection to customers, others provide limited or much more tertiary coverage — while others offer no insurance at all. 

Here’s why you should always opt for movers with robust and transparent Australian removalists insurance.

1. Peace of mind

Security, confidence and peace of mind are the foremost benefits of a removalist insurance policy. You can rest easy knowing your property’s in good hands while trusting in a transparent policy with comprehensive coverage for your belongings.

The best Australian removalists offer financial coverage in the event of property loss or damage. Once you and the moving company come to an agreement, you can quickly receive your funds and replace the item(s) in question.

Remember: if removalists handle the moving process without safeguarding your possessions, they may be liable for an increase in their insurance premiums. This means they’re obligated to protect your personal belongings in more ways than one.

2. Comprehensive coverage

Removalist insurance coverage differs depending on the company in question.

Some offer limited coverage amounts or only protect certain types of belongings (such as tables, computers or valuables).

Others only provide coverage for new furniture items, which leaves other items vulnerable to damage.

Movers without comprehensive coverage could put your personal property on the line. For this reason, opting for more robust coverage may better protect the items you love.

It’s a good idea to interview removalists on your shortlist to learn more about their existing insurance policy. Be sure to ask how their policy covers various types of damage, including:

  • Breakage
  • Theft
  • Accidents 

3. Expert evaluation and packing

No self-respecting removalist wants to damage a customer’s goods due to their own carelessness or negligence. That’s why many of the best moving companies offer expert evaluation and packing services long before moving day occurs.

The reasons for this are threefold:

  1. To ensure items are packed securely, reducing your risk for damage
  2. To protect fragile or valuable items that may require additional care
  3. To prepare your items for long-term storage before or after your move

The team behind No Limits Removalists offers professional wrapping and packing to prepare your belongings for the big day. We boast years of experience in the moving industry and would be glad to assist with your local or interstate move.

4. Professional handling and transportation

TVs, computers, glassware and artwork are some of the most vulnerable items on any move. A basic insurance policy can certainly help you replace or repair them, but they don’t do much to ensure professional handling (or monitoring) during the transportation of your belongings.

This is where the power of comprehensive insurance comes into play. Professional teams like No Limits Removalists can help you move — and track — your belongings with a stress-free process. We offer:

  • A hand-picked team of experts (no subcontractors!) with experience in safely loading, securing and transporting items.
  • Our own trucks and drivers to facilitate an easy move with proper equipment and techniques to minimise the risk of damage.
  • GPS trackers on all trucks so you can track your items during interstate moves.

Remember: a removalist with comprehensive insurance wants to ensure the professional handling and transportation of your belongings. These experts have a reputation to uphold — and giving their all simply comes with the territory.

5. Prompt resolution of claims

There’s always a chance your items could get damaged, no matter how safe your removalist company is. Even if it’s unlikely that you need to make a claim, you should still choose a removalist with a history of prompt and courteous resolutions.

How can you evaluate the quality of a moving company’s claims process? Start with information about their removalist insurance policy first, then assess their approach to customer service.

Customer-centric organisations like No Limits Removalists are an excellent benchmark for evaluating company quality. As one of Australia’s highest-rated removalists, we’ve set a precedent in the industry for fast and easy claims processes. We work hard to ensure quick reimbursement or replacement for damaged items. Just check out our five-star reviews! 

6. Customised insurance options

The amount of insurance coverage you need for your move is completely subjective to your needs. Maybe you don’t need as much insurance coverage for your first move to an apartment — or perhaps you need something more comprehensive for a bigger commercial move.

Some removalist companies offer adjustable insurance policies built to accommodate your specific needs. By choosing the right amount of coverage based on the value of your belongings, you can ensure an additional level of protection without going overboard on stipulations you don’t need. 

Get a move on with No Limits Removalists

The advantages of using a removalist with a comprehensive insurance policy are impossible to ignore. Not only are they more likely to protect your belongings during a move, but their adaptable coverage and expert support can help you quickly replace lost or damaged items.

When you’re ready to make your next move in confidence, don’t hesitate to contact the crew at No Limits Removalists. Our team is ready to help you manage any move quickly, safely and damage-free. Boasting 24 trucks, 63 employees and 1,00+ five-star reviews, we remain Australia’s leading provider of insured moving services such as:

Give us a call today to learn more about our comprehensive insurance policy and get a quote for our moving services.

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